The company and its factory are situated in a small Austrian village called Hopfgarten. CEO Josef Ager and his family call this lovely place their home already for generations.

You can say it was a millennial idea when Josef became frustrated about traffic mirrors freezing up, making driving and parking even more difficult and, most of all, more dangerous. Then it became obvious that for the safety of all, what we needed was a mirror that does neither freeze up, nor does it fog up.

“Innovation is needed where simple solutions fail!”

Being a craftsman, Josef used his know-how and developed a smart and brand-new gel-based technology on which he still holds the patent. Thanks to this unique technology, weather conditions cannot affect the sight quality of the mirrors anymore.

Meanwhile, the traffic mirrors of SpiegelLux can be found throughout the whole continent due to the high-quality standards. Those standards are a result not only of said technology, but also of first-class material when it comes to the frames and the reflecting surfaces. And as all is produced on-site, all the single pieces can be ordered individually as well, even the lenses themselves.

Through the detailed work and production of SpiegelLux, those mirrors are of advantage in many different fields: construction sights, road safety or parking – the mirrors of SiegelLux will make everyday life much more convenient for many people.

SpiegelLux is exceedingly popular with all its clients as they know they will get best prices for highest quality due to the importance of customer satisfaction.