Our mirrors

No matter the purpose, we have the perfect mirror for you. Each and every model is made in Austria using premium materials. Innovation is extremely important to us: Thanks to our patented gel technology, our mirrors can be equipped with anti-fog and anti-freezing technology that doesn’t even require electricity.

Deluxe Stainless Steel

Our flagship model for more challenging conditions. No compromises.


Basic Stainless Steel

Brilliant image. Impact-resistant and shock-proof lightweight construction.


Acrylic Glass

Our most economic model. High image quality with an impact-resistant and shock-proof lightweight construction.


Patented anti-fog and anti-freeze protection without electricity

Every vehicle driver knows how it is on the road: During the cold season, conventional traffic mirrors tend to fog up or even freeze. Not only is this annoying, it’s often dangerous. Unfortunately, heated mirrors do little to help, since remote areas often don’t have a power supply available, and installing one would require significant effort.

That’s why we’ve developed our patented gel technology, which provide protection against mirrors fogging up or freezing over without any electricity at all. Using embedded cavities, foam, and gel pads between the mirror surface and the back wall, the temperature of the casing is controlled, preventing fog or ice from forming on the mirrors from the outset.

And it all works even at temperatures below -20°C.

This development has made it possible to install mirrors on many roads, with a crystal-clear reflection guaranteed all year round. In this way, we are actively contributing to road safety.